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You are cordially invited to participate in the 11th edition of the SiO2, Advanced Dielectrics and related Devices symposium (SiO2 2016) to be held on 13-15 June 2016 in Nice, France.

The biennial SiO2 symposia series is an international forum on the science and technology of silica-based systems, also including new dielectrics and related applications. It began in 1996 in Agelonde (France). After the 2014 meeting in Cagliari (Italy), the 2016 conference will be hosted by the “Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée” (LPMC), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS.

The objective of the symposium is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent developments in the physics and chemistry of SiO2 and of novel dielectric materials in microelectronics, optics, photonics, etc… The conference also offers the opportunity to highlight future prospects in these fast-moving fields and to enhance exchange and collaboration between scientists. Participation of young researchers (PhD) is especially encouraged.

Oral and poster communications are solicited reporting on original research (both experimental and theoretical) in the following areas:

  • Electronic and atomic structure
  • Optical and electronic properties
  • Defect generation and transformation
  • Basic mechanisms and modeling
  • Radiation effects (including laser processing and harsh environments)
  • Dosimetry, sensors, radiation hardening
  • Micro-/nano-structuring
  • Fiber optics and fiber-based devices
  • Microelectronics
  • Optoelectronics, photonics



Conference chair and co-chair, LPMC CNRS UMR 7336, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis


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